Investment Management

At Sea Clear Financial Planning, our investment philosophy is simple. We invest for the long term. That means investing with patience and confidence. It means tuning out the short-term noise that distracts many investors, impeding their chances of reaching their goals. Our investment management approach is to build an investment portfolio that we believe is capable of accomplishing our client’s financial goals while matching the level of risk in the portfolio to our client’s tolerance for risk. We believe that over time a diversified portfolio is the best chance of reducing risks and achieving favourable returns. We do not believe in chasing returns. We believe in preserving and growing wealth. We believe the best investment portfolios are the ones that achieve clearly stated goals. We believe investment management is one piece of the comprehensive financial planning process, no more or less important than any of the other pieces.

Through Morningstar Managed Portfolios™ Sea Clear Financial Planning, LLC has teamed up with the widely recognized investment research firm. Morningstar Managed Portfolio is an investment-management program that provides a diverse range of portfolios that are researched, engineered, and monitored by Morningstar Investment Services. For each investor, the Managed Portfolio Service identifies just the right combination of securities to keep risk in line and maximize return potential. We work closely with Morningstar Investment Services to implement and monitor the individual portfolios and asset allocations that we have recommended for each of our client's. As part of our Investment Management Services we will gladly assist in opening, consolidating, transferring and rolling over any accounts. Through the Morningstar Investment Services website, our clients have 24 hour access to their portfolios online.