Our Investment Strategy

At Sea Clear Financial Planning, our investment philosophy is simple.

We invest for the long term. That means investing with patience and confidence. It means tuning out the short-term noise that distracts many investors, impeding their chances of reaching their goals.

We believe a client’s risk tolerance should match the risk level of their investment portfolio.

We believe that over time a properly allocated and diversified portfolio offers best chance of reducing risks and achieving favorable returns.

We do not believe in chasing returns. We believe in preserving and growing wealth.

Our Investment Management Services

At Sea Clear Financial Planning, the number one investment planning priority is to make sure clients feel comfortable and confident with their investment portfolio.

We provide our clients with an Investment Policy Statement that shows their time horizon, risk tolerance, portfolio strategy, and the roles and responsibilities involved in constructing and monitoring the portfolio.

We communicate with our clients throughout the year and during market downturns to educate them on market conditions and how it relates to their portfolio and risk tolerance.

We discuss with our clients how their risk tolerance correlates to their investment portfolio and performance returns.

We monitor our client’s investments on an ongoing basis to ensure their portfolio is appropriate given their goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon.

We rebalance our client’s portfolio when necessary to ensure it remains properly allocated.

We educate our clients on the importance of long term investing and tuning out the short term noise that creates market volatility.

We update our client’s net worth statement annually and compare current level of assets, liabilities and net worth to the prior year.

We review current savings contributions to determine if our clients are growing their wealth in order to meet their financial goals.

Our Investment Management Partner

Sea Clear Financial Planning, has teamed up with Morningstar Investment Services. Morningstar provides a diverse range of portfolios that are researched, engineered, rebalanced and monitored.

The portfolio chosen by Sea Clear Financial Planning, is based on our client’s financial profile, goals, time horizon and risk tolerance.

Sea Clear Financial Planning works closely with Morningstar Investment Services to implement and monitor the individual portfolios that we have recommended for each of our clients.

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