Financial Goals & Concerns

The first and most important part of the comprehensive financial planning process is to identify financial goals and concerns.  Our number one priority is to help our clients achieve their financial goals and alleviate their financial concerns.

Cash Flow Analysis & Debt Management

We provide a cash flow analysis to make sure our clients are clearly aware of their income, taxes, expenses, and savings levels.

We work with our clients to save the appropriate amounts in an emergency fund, retirement plan, education fund or investment account given their resources and goals.

We review the amount of debt our clients are carrying and offer recommendations for the most efficient and organized way to reduce that debt.

Insurance Planning

We provide a comprehensive review of our client’s Home, Auto, Umbrella, Life, Long Term Disability, and Life Insurance policies so they know exactly where they stand with their coverages.

We recommend clients touch base with their agents annually to be sure their insurance coverage remains adequate and appropriate given the cost.  We offer to be part of any calls or visits with insurance agents.

Since we do not sell insurance, our clients know that our recommendations are unbiased and in their best interest.

Income Tax Planning

We do strategic income tax planning to make sure our client’s financial life is conducted in the most tax efficient manner.

We work closely with the Certified Public Account we have aligned ourselves with or our client’s own tax professional to implement tax planning strategies, maximize tax planning opportunities and reduce federal and state liabilities both now and in the future.

In retirement we work with our clients to make sure portfolio withdrawals and required minimum distributions are done in the most tax efficient manner.

We offer to be a part of any calls or visits with tax accountants.

Education Funding

For clients with minor children we review education funding goals, provide solutions, and recommend the appropriate amounts to save given cash flow.

We recommend the appropriate education saving vehicles.

Portfolio Review

We perform a thorough analysis of our client’s current investment portfolio to see if it is suitable for their goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon, properly allocated, diversified & organized in a way that can be properly managed. If it is not, we present our findings and recommend a new portfolio that we believe will accomplish these goals.

Retirement Planning

We provide a detailed and highly personalized Retirement Planning Analysis for each of our clients so they can clearly see when they can become financial independent.

Our Retirement Planning Analysis will show our clients if they can comfortably retire given their retirement date, projected retirement living expenses, estimated retirement income, life expectancy, investable assets & investment assumptions.

We offer recommendations on how to adjust any of the above six critical factors necessary to achieve retirement success.

Estate Planning

We discuss the importance of having estate planning documents in place and work with our clients to obtain critical documents such as will, living wills and power of attorneys and revocable living trusts.

We review our client’s estate planning documents wishes annually to ensure they continue to be appropriate given any changing circumstances.

We work with our clients and their estate planning attorney to ensure their wealth is passed according to their wishes.

We work with our clients to update beneficiary designations so their wealth passes efficiently.

We help clients plan for the care of and financial well-being of children in the event of parental death and arrange for health care decisions in the event they become incapacitated.

We offer to be a part of any calls or meetings with estate plan attorneys.