Fee Only

Sea Clear Financial Planning, LLC is a Fee-Only Financial Planning Firm. "Fee-Only" refers to our compensation structure. To avoid conflicts of interest, "Fee-Only" planners are compensated solely with fees paid by their clients. Sea Clear Financial Planning, LLC does not sell any products or receive any commissions or other compensation from third parties. Our recommendations are completely impartial and unbiased.

Comprehensive Financial Planning Fee

The initial financial planning fee is priced according to the degree of complexity associated with each client’s situation and ranges from $2,500 to $5,500. The initial agreement has a minimum term of one (1) year. It typically will take three (3) months to gather and analyze all the necessary information and complete the financial plan. During the remaining (9) months the firm assists all clients with the implementation of their plan at no additional charge.

Retainer Client Fee

This relationship involves incorporating our extensive investment management services with our ongoing financial planning services. At Sea Clear Financial Planning we believe our clients are best served with a long-term relationship whereby all their financial needs are taken care of in one place. The fee for our Retainer Clients, based on a percentage of the total assets under management, includes professional investment management of assets and ongoing comprehensive financial planning. All fees are clearly marked on invoices and portfolio statements.

Hourly Fee

Sea Clear Financial Planning, LLC provides hourly financial planning services for clients who need advice on a limited scope of work in one or two areas of financial planning such as Cash Flow Analysis, Debt Reduction, Insurance Planning, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Investment Planning, or Education Planning. Comprehensive Financial Plans can not be completed through an hourly engagement. The topics covered and time allotted during the hourly engagement is determined solely by the client. The hourly rate for limited scope engagements is $250.00